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Cool upset - Just heard that the roof leaked into the walls...Can the walls be dried out??

So, sorry...long. I am pretty sad right now. We bought our 2008 FF 21' last year. We had a local RV service fix the front vent that was broken when we bought it last spring. Apparently, they put in the wrong vent...so it leaked but not inside so we did not know. That RV service removed the awning because the man we bought it from had broken it beyond repair. So, when they removed the awning, they left the holes open without sealing them!!!!!!!!!! So...water has been leaking into the side of it since then....WTF who does that?? (Should be noted that we called this same RV guy the other day asking him to come and look at the mess he made and he said "I don't come out in this kind of weather, call me when it is spring..." We live in Oregon...spring could be a while...)
This past fall it leaked INSIDE the trailer for the first time, and we immediately covered it and then just today took it to a different RV service that we trust. This new RV service said the WALLS are styrofoam and that it holds water, and never will dry out...because the walls are really wet inside!? WHAT. He said there is no way to dry them out. OMG. He said just get rid of the trailer....
I cannot imagine dumping it on anyone. He said to trade it in.
I am wondering if I can somehow drill holes to air it out...which would make for more holes to leak.......
He is going to patch up the holes on the roof and put in a new vent, but he said that the water will likely just push the seals out. ugggg
He said the walls will eventually sag
Anyone dealt with something like this???
Is the funfinder really ready for the bone yard?? I feel sad at the thought of this!! We have about $9000 in it too..... uggggg. We cannot afford to just do nothing. But then we are not the type to just pass it off to someone else either.
kind of devastated and not wanting to explain this to the husband or kid who love the ff. We have only had about 5 adventures so far in the ff....and we want so many more.

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Hey...i just realized i have comprehensive insurance...maybe it would be covered? Hmmmn.

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Sounds like the first RV service place is responsible for the issue of water inside the wall.

He 'should' have liability insurance to cover the cost of repairs or what-ever.
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It may be time to take that repairman to small claims court. His negligence damaged the trailer. What a huge drag.
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Sorry for all the trouble your having, but you would be much better off in the future trying to do your own repairs rather than relying on experts. As for staying wet, nothing stays wet forever. I would put a portable dehumidifier inside the closed up trailer for a couple of weeks.
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I agree with twinster, it doesn't stay wet forever. The moisture will "move" from where it's wettest towards the drier area. In this case it will move inward towards the interior of the trailer since those surfaces are porous.

So yes, at the very least if the weather is dry and humidity low ( not likely in the pac NW ! ) have open windows and fans blowing. Otherwise, close it up and run dehumidifier constantly for a few weeks.

And go over the outside of trailer inch by inch to ensure it's properly sealed. I use either dicor self level or pro-flex.

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leaks, roof, walls

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