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Default Acceptance of poor quality

The preception I’m getting from reading these forums is that to many RV/travel trailer consumers are extremely tolerant of shitty quality and poor customer service. I have never seen this level of apathy in any other free market. If we (the consumers) don’t hold these manufactures publicly accountable they have very little motivation to improve.

Please use these forums and platforms like YouTube to expose these manufacturers for the junk they produce - and stop using these platforms to stroke our own egos for problem solving thier issues.

Okay- i feel better, thanks for letting me vent. Cruiser RV has made some colossal design mistakes on my 189FDS and they support has been non- existent. Unfortunately I think this is systemic in the industry so all brands have different levels of guilt on this topic.

That being said - public visibility of issues is our biggest hammer.

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Agnitio, you are right -- quality control in the trailer industry is notoriously poor. Cruiser is no worse than the others, and they are usually very responsive -- did they answer your phone calls and emails? Did your dealer go to bat for you?

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True Agnitio,
Many manufacturers have changed or sold and the code requirements seem to be less stringent than I expected. I subscribe to Trailer Life magazine and they cover many questions, issues, and complaints, but alas, all are not covered. In my case, the original manufacturer of my trailer, CruiserRV, sold out several years ago and of course, not all problems are covered. Due to my specific model not being covered by the new company, I have trouble finding non-standard replacement parts. I have been looking for a replacement small center hub cover for one wheel that was lost, but cant't locate one yet. Don't get me wrong, I actually like my trailer and have had very few issues, and none that were not easily corrected. It seems to be the stupid, simple things that were overlooked in the manufacturing process. I don't find a standard for things like drain & Fill valve orientation, electrical circuits, plumbing or electrical schematics. I will probably put my trailer up for sale soon, not because of the trailer, but because my wife is now wheelchair bound and we need something more suitable for her condition. AND, if I go new, I will probably purchase a trailer/RV directly through the manufacturer.
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Agree... Whine and complain a lot. Inform the public through various venues.... but fix it yourself. Then you know it is fixed right.

I'm pretty happy with our 08 189FBR but we have discovered some flaws and have named them here on this forum.
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Originally Posted by profdant139 View Post
Agnitio, you are right -- quality control in the trailer industry is notoriously poor. Cruiser is no worse than the others, and they are usually very responsive -- did they answer your phone calls and emails? Did your dealer go to bat for you?

They responded only to tell me they wouldn’t help and the dealer wss ussless in support this industry is infuriating.
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We reallt like the layout/floorplan of our trailer also, thats the only reason I don’t sell it. Sorry to hear about your wife now being in a wheelchair, thats a whole different set of challenges.real ones that make the trailer industry seam trivial.
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I agree with the OP, however, I don't think quality will improve simply because there are too many buyers out there willing to purchase whatever is available regardless of quality. And besides, most quality issues don't usually show up until you use your trailer for the first time and by then its too late to return it.

Anyway, this is one of the reasons I always buy used. I figure, I will have to fix the same stuff either new or used, so why not buy used and pay half the price. Also, fixing stuff on a trailer is the nature of the beast. Things leak, get broken or wear out or things are not what they should be. So you really need to be able to repair and maintain the trailer yourself, or pay someone to do it for you. From washing it, greasing the wheel bearings, tracking down electrical issues, fixing the plumbing, doing brakes, maintaining the battery, etc, it can all be quite a time sink. In summary, owning a travel trailer is not for the faint of heart.
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we want them light, but tough expect them to be reasonable in price, yet well crafted. they bounce along down the road, suffer all kinds of weather and water. the manufactures are always trying new products that they hope will be cost effective, and work better, so the performance and build methods change frequently. And they are campers.

We went from vw westfalias to RVs via an old toyota dolphin. now that thing was put together like the proverbial pig's stick house, it was in pretty nice shape, but it was a real mess. plumbing in inaccessible places, 6 million staples holding the old carpet down, not well designed at all.

Our t(iny)139 2006 fun finder is SO much better in every way. I appreciate much of craftsmanship in it; plumbing layout, electrical, fit and finish, cabinet quality, that kind of thing.

now if we had paid big bucks for a new luxury RV, I probably would feel qualified to complain, but all our campers have been used, a little bit fixer-uppers. each one has been a real upgrade from the last.

the only gripe I have with the RV industry is why they don't offer designs similar to what you can find in Europe? Although there have been some bold designs popping up here and there, most are the same old design with different colors.

maybe the exception for us is our 95 VW Rialta. it is still stylish and remarkably well designed and built. it is getting hard to find parts for, it is kind of slow going up hills. but we can't bear to part with it.
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Late 2013 bought a new 2014 Funfinder trailer. Had it for three years, it was a total nightmare! Had nothing but serious problems with it, things I couldn’t fix myself. Cruiser wouldn’t take responsibility for anything. They blamed it on everybody else, example: I lost my tire, wheel and hub driving down the highway, it was the company who built the frame for the trailers fault. Numerous electrical and plumbing issues. The three years I had that trailer, it was in the shop more than my house.
Early 2016, I had enough, got ride of that piece of sh-t, bought a new 2017 Lance. There’s no comparison in quality. The Lance is a FAR superior trailer. On my third summer of using it, and we’ve used it a lot, have not had one issue. It’s a great trailer!
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I agree 'for the most part'. As RVr's/Campers, we expect A Lot from our camper trailers. I LUV my 215wsk and while few issues, I am 'learning' as I go! Someone said it isn't for the faint-of-heart.. I agree. But as campers, are we faint of heart to be Out There on the road or boondocking to begin with? So, we expect our campers to haul great, operate 100% of the time after bumping down every byway/highway or dirt roads, be impervious to water or mice.. and still have the perfect storage, lighting, and decor/floorplan?.. LOL I have Not yet and hope not to, have to call the manufacturer.. and now I find that CruiserRV was sold out(?).. so okay. I live by YouTube and other FunFinder owners who Love to Share their expertise. I have a great mechanic/rv tech locally I can call on if necessary (and if I can afford his hourly rate! LOL).. and I learn every single time. I don't think it would be any different than any other RV make/model. They will bounce, they will shift, and they will have 'issues' from wear, tear, usage; so be it. Live It, Love It, or Sell It.. lmao! just my own personal thoughts. Happy Trails my friends!

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bad customer service, cruiser rv, funfinder, quality

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