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Default Re: Incredible

Originally Posted by EDLEEC
You most certainly should file some type of complaint with CRUISERRV or at least the BBB. Did you do a pre-delivery inspection with the dealer? We spent about 3 hrs. with our dealer going over inside and outside our trailer. That is not to say we won't find some issues later, but so far every thing looks good. As I have stated before, our dealer pulled our unit into the shop and tested all the components and then took it out for a road test to make sure all was in order. No dealer should treat customers in that manner. Hope you get some kind of resolution.
Yes We filed a complaint with the BBB & Some what NO on the pre-Delivery , The dealer was closeing when we got there , It was a 5-1/2 hour drive for us ,& I had to stop at the bank befor we left ,The guy at the Dealer rushed thru it He told us He did not have time to Clean it ,all he had was one helper there that day , My Wife thinks they pushed a Bad one on us Because they told us it was going to be ready befor we got there ,and when we where looking at it the AC it keep going out , the guy said it was the plug in the shop ware it was pluged in at , I guess I messed up real bad with this dealer?

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Originally Posted by webslave
Originally Posted by Saltynuts
Hi Megabusa Your dealer from where you bought needs to send cruser rv pictures, and find out what needs to be done. If they dont want to deal with it, cruser needs to. Chomp your teeth into their fat little asses and dont let go. Ever see the show falling down, with Micheal Douglas. CRUSER NEEDS TO CLEAN UP THEIR ACT. People on this forum that say they have have no problems with their trailer are not telling the truth, or they just dont know any better. So far I have been lucking to only have about 16 problems with my piece of crap trailer. Most of them are slowly getting fixed, and I have had it since Feb of this year. Have only used it for 8 nights so far. Salty
I take exception to being called a liar. By you or anyone else on this forum or any other. I have a college degree in Radio Physics and did research for 19 years at NIH in Computerized Axial Tomography and Nuclear Magnetic Resonance Imaging. My hobbies include automotive mechanics (I built race cars), motorcycles, photography and darkroom developing, building furniture, general carpentry, plumbing, electrical wiring (from building stereos to wiring buildings and IT networks, both CAT 4,5 & 6 and Fiber Optics). I can build a house, I did and am currently living in it. I've run two businesses and was partner in another. I retired at 56 years old and am quite comfortable.

My point in the above is a) I don't have any business connection with CruiserRV and b) I know engineering and how to fix things and c) I know engineering, good and bad and I know well built vs. shoddy. I also know enough about people that I don't know to not call them liars.

The problems with my FunFinder X 210WBS bought new in March of '08 consisted of the sink drain coming loose twice. That was it. Poor engineering on their part (unsupported long lengths of pipe set up resonance on highways from the expansion joints causing the slip joints to loosen) and I re-engineered a "fix" and have had zero problems since. I did have a "leak" (barely noticeable as a damp, not wet, 50 cent sized spot on the pillow on the bed) in the front window. That was my fault, not CruiserRV's. On my annual inspection of the caulking, I missed a hairline crack in the caulk last year after 23,000 miles of road travel. My fault.

That's it. 3 years of road travel, 31,955 miles covered and almost a year spent in it. If you got a bad one, that's the luck of the draw. It doesn't mean that every trailer they produced is junk and that everyone else that has one that hasn't had more than the "usual" RV problems is a liar. All RVs have problems...there hasn't been a "perfect" RV made yet by anyone; cruise on over to the Prevost forum and look at the problems encountered in million dollar rolling mansions.

Personally, I feel that you owe everyone on this forum an apology. That statement was rude and uncalled for. You don't "know" a single person on this forum personally and certainly not well enough from posts to make an assumption about a person's honesty. I was born with my name, I'll die with my name, and I'm certainly not going to "muddy" my name by telling lies on this or any other forum. Perhaps the "fault" in your having a "piece of crap trailer" was that you accepted it, despite a walk-through (PID) and inspection, before driving it off the lot.

Yep, you ruffled my feathers. My name has always stood for honesty and besmirching it gets me on edge.[/quote] I don't think he ment that everyone on this forum is a liar , I think he just miss-worded-it But thats for him to say Im going take up for Salty on this one thing ,If you think about it this is a FF forum & I just like him beleve that some people from FF or FF dealers or on this Forums ,It looks like your a smart guy ya think people from FF or FF dealers are going to say bad things about FF ? ! NO ! I think thats what he ment , And as for a apology goes , I could say that what you said about the Walk Through & Accepted it , I guess I did not know much better myself ! What Ya calling me stupid to! you ruffled my feathers when I read that, But then again I don't realy care about stuff like that anyway , & just like you I stand for honesty ,& when Im wrong Ill say Im wrong , But Im going to call it like I see it , I recall reading a Post someware that Salty saved his money to buy that Camper & he likes taking his Gr-kids Camping , Ill bet hes a hard working guy -loves hes Gr-kids and makes the best of what hes got . Im not trying to tell you what to do , But if I were you I give Him a little slack.

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OK, things are getting a bit out of hand here. I understand people aren't happy with the way they have been treated by their dealer and/or CruiserRV. That is still not justification to to make unfounded accusations about other members of the forum and won't be allowed.

I am locking this thread. If similar language shows up in other threads I will lock those as well and/or have the offenders banned from the forum.

Please remember that this forum is for sharing ideas and helping each other.

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