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Valinda 07-20-2017 12:27 PM

2010 14TT Newbie
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My husband and I just bought this trailer a couple days ago. On the way home the vent covering for the lower electrical blew off. We recovered the cover. It may need some new clips to secure it again. One of the plastic pipes appears to have broken off. We are unable to turn on the lights in the trailer. We have no manual. And no idea what to do. :( Any help here would be greatly appreciated! We've never camped in a trailer before.

We are really looking forward to using this cute little trailer!!

team dougherty 07-20-2017 02:47 PM

That is the fridge. The plastic pipe was the drain. Without it the condensation will just drip on the floor back there.

I have seen fridges where the condensate hose goes to a collector that goes to the chimney and cooks the water off. Ours just drains to the outside.

I don't know why the lights aren't working. Is the camper plugged in? if not is the battery hooked up, charged and good?

Valinda 07-20-2017 02:59 PM

Thanks so much for your quick reply! We investigated the lights a bit further and the lights work when we plugged in so it must be the battery that is having problems. Probably have to get a new one.

Thanks for the info on the box. I'll try and replace that plastic pipe and hopefully it will work ok.

profdant139 07-20-2017 07:24 PM

Which model did you buy? By the 14, do you mean the 139?

And the pipe hooks to a drain tray inside the fridge -- not sure where the break is -- can't quite tell from the photo.

profdant139 07-20-2017 07:26 PM

Wait -- I just clicked on the photo, and now I see. This could probably be fixed with duct tape -- just hook up the two ends. The lower end should poke through the fridge vent screen so that the condensation can drip outside.

When camping in sub-freezing weather (and don't we all??), watch out that the drips don't freeze and plug the end of the tube, eventually causing the drip tray inside the fridge to overflow. Don't ask how I know this.

profdant139 07-20-2017 07:28 PM

One more comment and then I will stop, I promise -- if this is your first trailer, ask lots of questions!! We love to answer them instead of doing household chores, which is what we should be doing.

LJAZ 07-21-2017 08:54 AM

I'd recommend going to your local big box hardware store and getting a length of hose to replace that cheapy hose that comes standard. Otherwise it will just break again.

If the cover is too badly damaged you should be able to find a new one on Amazon.

As far as the battery, check to see if you have a disconnect switch that is turned off. Not sure about your specific model/year, but some have them and some don't.

If it is a bad battery you should be aware that it's not a good idea to tow without one. The battery is needed to power the trailer brakes in the event the trailer somehow gets separated from the tow vehicle.

Valinda 07-21-2017 02:01 PM

Profdant139, yes this is our first trailer and I WELCOME ALL of your advice! I thought this was going to be so much fun, but it's a little daunting now that we actually have it!

LJAZ, thank you so much for your advice as well! We were able to get the cover back on and it looks like when the lady was showing us the trailer (before we packed it up and hauled it off) she didn't twist the latch connectors to secure it. So that's why it came off. It took us a bit to figure this out! :-/ Surprisingly it wasn't damaged at all! Everything seems to be OK. We got it back on now and it's tight.

As for the battery, we don't have an electric brake controller on our car so it wouldn't matter anyway. We're looking into getting that installed but it might not be a problem as we're towing a 14ft. Fun Finder behind a minivan.

The disconnect switch is on. But still no power unless it's plugged in. I guess the next step is to take it in and have it checked an most likely buy a new one. I would like to have battery power! We'll be camping with no hook-ups in a couple weeks.

Heading to the Home Depot to get that tubing! Thanks for that suggestion!!

profdant139 07-21-2017 03:10 PM

Yes, there is a steep learning curve, but the fun also grows exponentially. We bought our little trailer 12 years ago on a "let's see" basis -- if it did not work out, no big deal. We had never camped in our lives. It was supposed to be nothing more than a mobile motel room.

It turned out to be a life-changing event -- all of our vacations now center around the trailer. We camp in remote places, eating our own food and sleeping on clean sheets.

Where in Washington are you located? It takes us at least three days to drive up North from Southern Calif., but we go to Washington (Rainier and the Cascades) as often as we can.

Valinda 07-21-2017 07:25 PM

We're in Olympia. We'll hopefully be camping in Montana in a couple weeks. We have the trailer set up in the back yard right now. I think we might be doing a bit of camping very close to home a couple times just to see how it all works out! ;-)

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