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profdant139 10-22-2018 09:08 PM

Trip report, Part 2: The Tetons
Here's the link:

Look, Mom, We're Camping!: The Mountain West, Fall 2018: Part 2 (The Tetons)

APD 10-23-2018 09:47 AM

Grizzly bears! I love the photos and the mountains. I would be worried about the bears.
If I saw a grizzly we'd be having extra laundry to do.:eek:
I don't know how bears think but I'm almost 100% sure that, to a bear, I look like a can of Spam......:D


profdant139 10-23-2018 10:01 AM

Yep. It is a strange feeling when one is no longer at the top of the food chain . . . .

PaintyLiz 10-23-2018 11:15 AM

Another beautiful post about your travels! I have not camped that area yet, but I'm not sure where brave enough to go where you go. LOL. Can't wait to see your next post. I tried leaving a comment on your blog, but I'm not sure it went through so either you will get none or two.


ColoradoShel 10-28-2018 10:36 PM

Great photos. And aren't the Tetons grand!!
You're on the other side of the CO Front Range from me; just wave before you leave the state, and have a great time!


Eagle 10-30-2018 02:57 PM

Totally awesome area.

Have been there a couple of times.

The creations and beauty of Mother Nature can't be beat.


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