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Default ford f150 towing

I have a Ford 2002 f150 model, 4.2L,v6. What might be my maximum trailer towing weight? My manual says 5400, but with a towing package that I don't have. I tow with a bumper ball right now. How much does a towing package cost? I really like the XT-205, but am wondering if it would tow, and if I could locate one at a reasonable price.The going rate seems high at $18-$20,000.

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I'm going to get a reputation for being a nay-sayer around here...

Your truck isn't designed to tow more than a utility trailer as it is right now... The F150 is a fairly heavy truck and the V6 was designed more for urban cowboys carrying mulch and sporting equipment. Sorry...

Even with the tow package, that would include at a minimum, a transmission cooler and heavy duty alternator, at 5400 lbs max, the trailer you are looking at would be a bad idea. The trailer has a "dry" weight of 3995 lbs. By the time you add "options", LPG and a battery, you are probably looking at a "tow it home empty" weight of ~4200 lbs. It won't take any time at all before you exceed the max tow capacity of your truck by the time you add "stuff" to the TT to make it livable and the weight of weight distribution hitch has to go in there, too. It is a toy-hauler to won't be able to take any toys unless they are a couple of bicycles.

Then you have to figure the "sail area" of the TT...the V6, while capable of towing a utility trailer that doesn't have any frontal area to create drag, is not up to overcoming the wind resistance of a full sized RV trailer and you certainly won't like hills.

All the above is not to say that you can't have a frame mounted hitch installed, a transmission cooler added, a heavy duty alternator added and the appropriate 7 pin wiring installed and then tow the mostly empty trailer around, but, it will be expensive, drastically shorten the life of your truck and won't be a whole lot of fun. I'm not one of those folks that think you need a 3/4 ton diesel minimum to tow with (I tow with a Jeep Commander), but, I think you do need more truck than what you've got, for that particular trailer.


My 2 cents, your mileage may vary...

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Unfortunely your truck's max towing capacity is either 2000 lbs or 3500 lbs depending on which rear axle you have. In either case you would be over the limit Here's a link to trailer Life magazine's tow ratings for 2002.

Towing that trailer with the truck you have just wouldn't be safe.

Like webslave says you can have extra stuff like HD alternator and transmission cooler added, but it's expensive. It would probably be cheaper to find a good used truck that is already set up fo towing from the factory.
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I am so grateful for the sound advice and the expertise from the two posts. I will be honest, this is brand new territory for me and getting the advice of others helps dramatically. I think the first step will be to invest in a new truck and not put my old one under any undue stress. I still would like to go with the xt-205 as from the floor plan it seems that it will fit my tandem kayak inside nicely. I will primarily be putting non-motorized toys in the toy hauler, like the kayak and a my recumbent bike (which is very cool), so that should help with the weight a bit. I may need a V-8. Again,thanks so much for taking the time as this will most likely be a spring purchase and of course if anyone heres of a used XT-205 please see my request under "wanted".
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