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Default Funfinder 244RBS Brakes binding / shuttering when coming to

Hi again,
I have a Funfinder 244RBS 2012 model and a Jeep Grand Cherokee 2006 3 ltr CRD .

My brake controller is a Prodigy P2 brake control. I have tested and all 4 brakes on the Travel Trailer are working.

At freeway speeds 55 mph I tend to like the sensitivity and brake voltage adjusted a little higher and then when we are in built up areas 30mph I lower the voltage and sensitivity to stop the brakes locking up at low speed.

But as we come to stop the brakes shudder as if they locking up and releasing quickly.
Are others having this problem and how do you get around it?
I have not touched manual brake adjustment as the Cruiser RV manual says the brakes on the funfinder are self adjusting .
Any comment?
Tony and Ruth from Australia.

Cheers Tony
244RBS Funfinder 2012
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You may, indeed, need to manually adjust your brakes, even though they are "self adjusting".

Like other automotive "self adjusting" brakes, they only "self adjust" during the backing up cycle. Even in autos, most of us don't backup enough for the system to adjust for all the wear that we put on the brakes going forward. Since you like the brakes to do "more" braking when at a higher speed, my guess is that your wear pattern is higher than the adjustment made when backing into a campsite and at a slow speed (you have to have a fair amount of speed for the drums to the rotate the adjuster and you need to make "firm" stops when applying the brakes). Most backing up with a trailer is done at "dead slow" and the brakes don't actually apply enough torque to the adjuster to get them to turn, particularly if you've turned the gain down...the TV is doing most of the braking then. There's nothing wrong with using your controller in the way that you do, I also run at a higher gain when at highway speeds and then lower it when in town or maneuvering around the campground.

Most likely "adjusting" your "self adjusting" brakes will take care of the problem. You could, alternatively, go to a big empty parking lot and backup while repeatedly making firm brake applications to get the adjusters to take up the slack; might take a while though if they have a lot of slack to take up. That was always an issue with the self adjusting brakes in autos and most people found that the rear brakes would last the life of the car unless they manually adjusted them so that they worked or they did a lot of backing up with sharp brake applications to rotate the adjuster.


My 2 cents, your mileage may vary...

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Also, be sure the bracket for your brake controller hasn't 'shifted' to where it is out of position for proper operation.

When I hooked up this spring, the brakes worked intermittently. I was almost ready to pull the drums when I noticed the mounting bracket for the brake controller was loose letting it change alignment so it wasn't sending the proper signal to the brakes.

Just a thought.
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Default Sway

I have same unit but have a unrelated question. Do you experience much sway when being passed by semi? What hitch are you using?
2014 Fun Finder 244RBS
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