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smokjump 07-31-2012 06:05 PM

Newbie questions
New trailer owner and have a few questions. I have a new Viewfinder 27 RBSS and want to install a ladder to get acess to the roof for inspection and cleaning. Can I walk on the roof safely? Next I would like to install a few "eye" screws so I can bungee cord things in the front compartment and a few cabinets. How do you determine where the "ribs" may be to securley anchor the screws ? Thanks

profdant139 08-01-2012 11:11 AM

Anchoring eyebolts
I can't answer about the ladder -- and you can walk on the roof very carefully -- some folks lay down pieces of plywood -- and be sure the trailer's stabilizers are deployed!

I have put screws and small eyebolts into the interior walls of the trailer, using spiral plastic anchors into the luan and foam. I don't know how to find the aluminum "ribs" -- they don't react to a magnet/stud finder. If you screw into the walls, pre-drill a hole for the anchors, and don't go too deep, and don't depend on the anchors for anything very heavy.

Good luck!

djmikel 02-13-2014 01:52 PM

I'm getting ready to mount some items to the exterior walls. Profdant139 (or anyone else), what size of spiral anchors do you recommend so as not to puncture the outside?

profdant139 02-15-2014 03:20 PM

Small anchors
I use the smallest ones I can find at the hardware store they are white plastic and then I cut off the back end so that it doesn't penetrate the exterior surface!

webslave 02-16-2014 05:19 PM

You don't mention what you are going to mount, but, there is a better (to me anyway) way to attach things to the walls that don't require drilling the wall.

Command Picture Hanging Strips

I use them to hang pictures, clocks, temperature gauges, towel holders, toilet paper holders, etc. and have never had one fail. They aren't your usual velcro strips; they are little plastic "mushrooms" on both pieces that interlock and just won't let go. They have the usual Command adhesive that sticks to almost everything forever, but, are easily removed if you need to. I also use them to hold my table lamp onto the end table, the alarm clock on the dresser and a fan on the dresser at the end of the bed for when I don't want to use the 2nd A/C unit (it is mounted in the vent that would normally be over the bed...). If the item is really heavy, just add more strips to the edges. I've never had anything fall off the wall using them. They keep the item secure, don't allow the item to swing (marking the wall) and yet, you can pull the item down to put new batteries (clock, temperature gauge) in when needed and if you don't like where the item is hung, you just release the Command adhesive strip and move it.

Just another alternative to drilling holes...

As for the ladder... I put a post somewhere on here about trying to put a ladder on a trailer that doesn't come with one. Has to do with the wood blocking that needs to be in place for the ladder anchor stanchions to go into. The external filon is not structurally sound enough to take vertical weight without eventually causing the holes to go "egg shaped" and that allows moisture to enter the filon causing it to bubble and disintegrate. Do a search on this forum for my full post and the cautions involved. Basic rule of thumb; if the unit didn't come with a ladder or at least have the option to add one (even then, your wall might not have the supports added unless you ordered the ladder option), then your best bet is to use one of the compact extendable ladders and not opt for an "aftermarket" wall mounted ladder.

clarkgriswold 05-05-2014 10:42 AM

Watch that wall thickness !

Originally Posted by djmikel
I'm getting ready to mount some items to the exterior walls. Profdant139 (or anyone else), what size of spiral anchors do you recommend so as not to puncture the outside?

"Funny" thing happened to me in this regard. I was mounting a step hand rail on the outside of our TT over the weekend and found out (the hard way) that the 4 lag bolts that were supplied with the kit were slightly longer than the depth of the wall ! Who would have guessed that something manufactured for a TT would not have the proper size screws included!!!! :x

profdant139 05-05-2014 10:55 AM

Screws and walls
Unfortunately, the walls on RVs are not all the same thickness. Not only does it vary from one manufacturer to another, it varies from one model to another. So you have to measure the thickness of the wall before you drill.

I did not realize that lags would have enough holding power for a ladder -- I would have guessed that a ladder would require through-bolts, with big washers on the inside to spread the pull on the inner paneling.

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