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bruce3211 08-26-2014 03:34 PM

Like New 2014 189FDS for sale-Price lowered
Rather than explain everything twice. Here is my ad on Craigslist that you can look at. My number is listed in the contact section, but call me if you have questions. 701-793-5039. I am located in Fargo, ND.

We took this on a 3 week trip this summer and it was great. We started to keep track in our journal how many people wanted to talk about this trailer. Between our new Ram EcoDiesel and the 189FDS, we had several fun conversations.


bruce3211 09-23-2014 04:02 PM

Trailer is no longer available

Travels with Yoly 12-07-2014 04:33 PM

So how do you like your Eco Diesel ? :lol:

bruce3211 12-07-2014 05:16 PM


Originally Posted by Travels with Yoly
So how do you like your Eco Diesel ? :lol:

I love the EcoDiesel. We traveled 4000 miles with our 189FDS last summer to Colorado, Utah, Wyoming, Montana and when we got home we had averaged 15 mpg's for the trip. I was happy, but others seem to be reporting even better, pulling more weight, but all I can report is my results. We traded our funfinder in for a 19fbpr keytone premier bullet which weighs about 1000 lbs more, but loaded we should still be under 5000 lbs. I clicked one one of your links and you have a nice looking truck and trailer.
Obviously I am not happy about the diesel prices right now. Diesel futures have dropped .80 in the last 3 months and price at the pump hasn't moved. Someone is scalping us right now and I am not happy about it, but I still absolutely love the truck. :D

Travels with Yoly 12-07-2014 09:13 PM

Ours will be two weeks old tomorrow and I've only got 410 miles on it. Living in north Georgia it's a bit hilly and the other day we took a ride up to Brasstown Bald, the highest point in the state (4,765 feet). We live at about 1,100 feet. The best I had seen on regular highway and 2 lane road was a 24.6 average but saw 27.4 after a stretch of flat 45 mph on the trip the other day but still averaged 25.6 for the day (nothing over 55 mph). I'm happy with the mileage although I don't see where those guys in Colorado and Montana are getting 30. I can understand Florida and maybe Texas. The 2014 V-6 we traded in averaged 14.3 over an 8,000 mile trip pulling a 3,500 lb travel trailer and the 2010 4.7L V-8 we had before that got 22.3 over a 9,000 mile trip in 2012 (non towing). I was hoping to see a bigger gap between the diesel and what I was accustomed to but I guess 2.5 mpg better is still significant (over the V-6 non towing). With 410 miles on the odometer, the fuel gauge just passed the half way mark so I'm pretty sure I'll get 700 miles out of the first tank. I have to be happy about that.

As for pricing, I had heard that diesel always cost more in the winter because much of it is used for the home heating oil market which keeps the demand artificially high. Come summer when gas goes back up (and you know it will) diesel might come down a bit hopefully.

I've always liked the way Rams rode and drove (this is my 4th) but I really like the low end torque of the diesel and the somewhat instant power it delivers (compared to the V-6 Pentastar anyway. We haven't towed our new FF 214 WSD yet as I wanted to get 500 miles on the truck first and also, I don't want to de-winterize the trailer until we get down to Florida next month

bruce3211 12-07-2014 10:10 PM

Wow, I think your 14.3 mpg over 8000 miles pulling 3500 was outstanding on your gas vehicle. It just seems like everyone is lucky to get 10-12. I traded a Ridgeline I loved for the Ram as that was getting 8 pulling my 3300 lb trailer. Some other tidbit of our trip where I averaged 15. I had the cruise control set at 65. Of course going up mountain passes I wasn't doing 65. Don't expect to just fly up 6% mountain grades without having it slow you down, it slows down. I have the Laramie Limited with all the do dads and I loved the paddle shifter on the steering wheel where I could down shift by just pressing the button. I have about 8500 miles on my vehicle now and here is what I have experienced. I live in ND and have made 2 trips to the airport in MPLS. 550 miles round trip on both trips I have averaged 28-29 mpg doing 65-70. On level ground with some rolling hill no wind doing 65 - 70 25 to 27 should be very common. Into a headwind 20-23 and if the wind gods are with you 28 - 30+ is doable. Hope you got some sort of oil change package as they are brutal. I got a 4 yr 6 oil change package for being a business owner. The oil change will be well over $200 without any sort of discount. Since I had quite a bit of towing mileage I did my first one at 8000 miles. Here are a couple of sites that might be helpful to you. For service offers/coupons:

This eco diesel forum is excellent:

Good luck with your eco. No problems with mine yet. Some have had check engine light issues as you will find out in the forum. Happy to hear you have had Ram trucks and are happy. This is my first Ram and I am considering the extended warranty as the technology, electronics, air suspension, etc seem over the top and I am a bit concerned about all of this.

Travels with Yoly 12-08-2014 04:53 AM

Hey Bruce,

Thanks for the advice and links you provided

I've been a member of the Eco Diesel Forum for some time (long before I took delivery) .... I go by RAM Fan, so you may have seen some of my posts. I actually got a free oil change package as part of the sales agreement ... 4 changes over 2 years and then I also bought an additional package and roled the purchase price into the truck sale so that I could include that in the financing. I got the 10 oil changes in 5 year plan so that gives me 14 oil changes in the next 7 years total.

We had a Honda Pilot back in 2006 (same engine as Ridgeline) and it was the most luxurious car I'd ever owned. We loved it, except for towing our small Zodiac RIB. I was lucky to get 10 mpg and with the smallish fuel tank, barely got 200 miles on a tank. I had a Ram before that (for 10 years) and bought a Dakota in 08 thinking it would get better mileage than the Ram but it got the same so we bought another Ram in 2010 and then downsized the engine in 2013 with the V-6. I had wanted the Eco since first reading about it in 2010 but my local dealer was clueless about it.

I've never had a lick of trouble out of any of the 3 previous Rams nor the Dakota. I got the more basic SLT with the Big Horn package, so very little add-ons for us. Basic suspension with anti-slip and 4WD, towing package with mirrors and brake controller, 9 speaker/subwoofer upgrade and that's about it. I think our cost was just over $41K.

Oh yeah, I might add that the 14.3 we averaged over that 8,000 mile trip included about 250 miles of sight seeing without the trailer and only about 10% of the total distance was Interstates .... all the rest was sedate little roads and highways and never drove above 65 mph ... mostly 50 to 60 mph.


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