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ewilli126 10-04-2019 06:23 AM

Winter Storage
Good morning all,

Curious to see if anyone has experience using a "durable" winter cover for your Travel Trailers? We live in Northern Indiana and will experience A LOT of Lake effect snow and cold. I'd like to cover our new Fun Finder to help protect it from the winter elements.

Thanks in advance

Eagle 10-05-2019 02:41 PM

I rent indoor storage space from the county where they have storage inside the large barns/display buildings at the fairgrounds over the winter months.

The cost is less than some open outside storage yards. I expect to get notified within the next week or two of when to bring the camper. Winter storage runs from mid October to mid April.

However, here is a link to RV cover reviews:

twinster2 10-05-2019 11:57 PM

I've been using a cover for the past four years here in Kalamazoo MI. I think I paid about $160 for it and it has lasted so far but is starting to show signs of ware. Anyway, I think using a cover is a excellent idea. It's cheaper than paying for storage and you can reuse it for many years. Plus you have access to your trailer throughout the winter and can get it out as soon as the spring thaw comes. Anyway, make sure you get a breathable cover with plenty of zippered side access. Also, don't store the trailer where tree limbs can fall on it.

Eagle 10-06-2019 08:35 AM

Twinster2 is correct abut the cost of inside winter storage vs the cost of a cover.

However not everyone has adequate space to store their campers at home without creating huge snow drift issues.

For some, it is a benefit vs cost issue. ;-)

Silverado 10-15-2019 12:51 PM

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I found this cover to work well year round. My trailer looks like new. Like mentioned earlier make sure it is breathable and has access zippers which are handy. No regrets so far. ADCO is the brand.

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