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Default Mice Yikes!!!

I found a mouse in the camper..It has not been used yet and no food is in there. I do live out in the boonies. So we got an electronic mouse thingy that makes noise to keep them out, and I have set traps. BUT I find them in there almost daily in the trap mostly in the outdoor kitchen. The electronic thing seems to do pretty well inside.

Does anyone else have problems with them? I'm betting you set a trap you will find one or MANY!!..

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Default Some suggestions

First, do those electronic things work?

Second, you might want to use the expanding spray foam to seal around any holes in the bottom of your trailer, such as where the water lines come up from the tanks, or the gray water pipes, or black water, or whatever. The foam makes a mess -- use gloves and old clothes and eye protection. But it works. A mouse can squeeze through a very small hole.

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we use peppermint oil in cotton balls in a glass jar, and lay heavy plastic over cushions and beds(they seem to hate that stuff for some reason) we also sealed everything under the trailer, inside the trailer, cabinet to cabinet, toilet connection, under the shower everything! Have only seen one packrat in 2 years, been over a year since we got aggressive with sealing inside he trailer.
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The thing is we only "saw" one but since the trap is out we are catching MANY!.

Yes the electronic one works it makes a beeping sound that they don't like the only draw back is it won't work through walls so I either have to get another one for the outdoor kitchen or just keep the traps.
We will be sealing the holes underneath to help too.
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My experience with the electronic thing was it didn't do anything.

However, I've never had mice in my camper or in the garage or storage buildings.

I used these:


Also available at WalMart



It is an ALL NATURAL mouse repellant available at many hardware stores like ACE Hardware, Farm & Home stores and even WalMart:


FAQs for Fresh Cab Product

How much do I need to use?
Begin treatment with one pouch per average sized room or storage area placed near entry points where rodent might gain entry. For current infestations, place a pouch near possible food and water sources. Remember, rodents need food and water, as well as shelter.

Increase number of pouches as needed, until desired results are achieved. Heavier infestations may require more pouches per room. For mouse prone areas use 1 pouch per 125 sq. feet placed at area entrance for protection. Replace when the scent is no longer strong to the nose. For known infested areas, use one pouch per 8 sq. feet of floor space placed at area entrance for up to 30 days of maximum protection.

Length of effectiveness depends on air exchange rates and temperature condition of storage areas.

RV: use 3 pouches for up to 30 ft. Place near water tank, drains, slide-outs and cushions. Also place a pouch in each storage compartment below to protect against nesting in those areas.
Tractor or Truck: use 2 pouches; replace when scent has diminished; 4 if it is in storage for the season
Combine: use 4 pouches when putting away for the year
Garage: use 4 pouches for up to a double garage. Replace every 30-45 days
Home: use 1 in an entryway, pantry, or closet. Use in mouse prone areas like vents that open to the outside (i.e. dryer vent, attic vent, etc.).
Tac room: use 1 pouch per 8 feet of floor space
Auto: use 1 in the trunk, 1 under each seat, and 1 under the hood if in storage (be careful to remove pouch under hood before driving). Replace when scent has diminished.
Drop Ceilings, sub-floors, crawl spaces: Use one pouch per 8 sq. feet, replace in 30 days to prevent re-infestation.


Automobile Boat, Jet Ski, ATV, Snowmobile Motorcycle Airplane Camper/RV Hunting Equipment
Trunk Under the Cover Seats Seats Under Sink (kitchen & bathroom) Decoys
Under Each Seat Engine & Battery Area Near Electronics Hanger By Slideouts Clothing
Under the Hood (when in storage) Near Electronics Engine & Battery Area Engine & Battery Area Engine, Battery Area & Intakes Trailers
Glove Box Seats Under the Cover Near Electronics Storage Compartments (inside & out) Dog Kennel

How do I use it?
Simply distribute pouches around any uninhabited and enclosed area where rodents tend to hide, feed or seek nesting sites: IE: garages, sheds, attics, cellars, cottages, RV's, autos, and farm equipment. Pay particular attention to areas like walls and other surfaces that may serve as runways, to any area of potential entry, and to potential nesting areas.

Is there anywhere I should not use it?
Yes, we don't recommend using it anywhere in the immediate area where you spend a lot of time, for example under a couch or bed. Also, if used outdoors it only lasts 10 days in the heat and rain, so is not as effective.

Why is it important to be EPA registered?
Rodents are considered to be a public health risk because they can carry and pass on human pathogens and diseases. Any product that makes a claim of repelling or killing pests that are considered a public health risk must undergo a series of rigorous performance testing. In order to be EPA registered, products must do what they claim to on their label, as well as have minimal effects on the environment. Be assured that if a product is EPA registered, the product's claims on the label are tested and have been proven. Fresh Cab is the only plant-based rodent repellent registered by the Fed. EPA for use in indoor/enclosed areas.

Is FRESH CAB safe to use?
All of the data we submitted to the EPA was accepted, and the product has no known hazards to human or environmental health. These tests were performed by independent product safety labs to insure that the product would be safe when used as directed. *Note: Promptly remove pouches from the house if you feel a headache or dizziness. Everyone has a different response to scented products, even if they are all natural. Do not place on finished or stained woods as the pouches may discolor such areas. Remove pouches once the scent has diminished. Since the product is all natural, it could potentially become nest material (or food) for ravenous rodents.

What is Fresh CabŪ made from?
Fresh Cab is a natural blend of plant cellulose fiber (corn cobs), and essential oils of Balsam Fir, Lavender, Spanish Rosemary, Cedar, Orange, and Lemon. This mixture is placed within breathable fabric pouches that can be placed or hung in areas you want to keep fresh and protected. Each pouch weighs about 2.5 oz.

Full information about Fresh Cab is available here:

I have a 30' toy hauler. I put one packet in the front kitchen/bed area, one packet in the bath area and one packet in the rear garage area.

I also use them in my 8'x12' lawn and garden building in my back yard.

As a note, after a year or two, I "recharge" them by putting about 10 drops of Balsam Fir Needle Oil that is one of the major oils used in the packets of treated corn cobs ..... ...

NOTE: I am in no way affiliated with Fresh Cab.
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